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Wild Turkey Hunting

The wild turkey is a North American native. It is an extremely cautious bird, flying or running away at the slightest hint of danger. The males of the species are significantly larger than the females and have a featherless, reddish head, and red wattles around the neck and throat. Their ideal environment is in open woodland, where they can fly close to the ground.

Turkey hunting is very popular as a sport, with six different species pursued throughout North America, populating every state, plus parts of Canada and Mexico. The Osceola, Rio Grande, Eastern and Merriam are the most common, followed by the Ocellated ad Gould’s turkeys. A committed hunter will attempt to successfully shoot at least one from all these categories, and those who manage to do so earn the tag of world slam member for their efforts.
There are many factors to consider in order to achieve maximum success while hunting for wild turkeys, but there are several that are absolutely crucial. Always make your position identifiable to other hunters, protect your position by hiding behind somewhere substantial like a large tree or rocks. Never stalk the game, positively identify the target and ensure the shooting path is completely clear. Avoid red, white and blue, otherwise you are wasting your time and additionally putting yourself in danger. A wild turkey is one of the hardest creatures to hunt, so total silence is definitely a must.