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Turkey Blinds

The sport of wild turkey hunting is now big business and, as a consequence, any tool that can enhance the enjoyment and ultimate success of the activity is very welcome. One such advancement is the introduction of ground based pop-up turkey blinds. The hub-style products are quick and easy to set up, taking just a matter of seconds to open and, more importantly, allow a hunter to remain in the field all day, even on those miserable wet occasions, when the temptation is often to pack up and head home.

The birds themselves do not pay any attention to these turkey hunting blinds, some will walk within inches of one, so setting one up next to or right smack in the middle of a food plot will allow a hunter to infiltrate the targets lair totally undetected. Extra food supplies can be carried along, as too can video equipment - this is really good if there is two of you, but neither of these options are open to debate if hunting completely exposed, as the slightest movement will see the turkey scram quick as a flash.

The smaller one man turkey blinds come complete with storage sack and shoulder straps, meaning they are portable. They are surprisingly light in weight, and have the capacity to conceal a normal adult, still leaving room for them to aim a gun, or draw a bow, without being spotted. They have revolutionized the sport to the extent that no experienced hunter would dream of leaving home without one.

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