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Best Turkey Hunting Decoys

It is a known fact that an essential component of any turkey hunt is the luring of the animals towards the hunter's position, and this is done using either calls or decoys. However, some people choose not to use the latter because they don't trust believe that decoys will bring them better results. This is somewhat understandable because, for many years, the decoy market has made little or no progress in improving the quality of the products. But things have begun to change; with more companies dedicated to offering better products the prices have become accessible to anyone.

Turkey decoys are a huge support to hunters and without them it would much harder and the waiting time would be much prolonged. In particular, bow hunters discover they center an arriving gobbler's awareness on the lure rather than on them. Light, stretchy, foldable and packable lures are effortlessly transported and move a little in a slow breeze - this movement really adds to the life-like appearance as well as effectiveness of the turkey decoy. Joined by a good blind, these real turkey decoys may help your more than you think.

Hunters ought to use decoys with proper care and vigilance always setting the decoy up away from their location. By no means should you carry the decoys around uncovered from plain sight in the hunting land and with nowadays super-effective concealment items, the decoy will stand out and you won't. It is advisable to carry the decoys completely hidden or inside an orange bag.

Today's best turkey decoys are unbelievably lightweight, compact, water-resistant and simple to set up. Fold up one in half, put it away in your hunting vest and you are ready to cover up ground lacking the burden of conservative decoys. When you arrive at the spot just unfold, stick the integrated stake into the ground, put the lure on the stake and begin calling. The photo-quality realism draws in suspicious toms. Tom decoys can be placed on a Hen lure for a mating stance that will enrage passing male turkeys. An opening at the back of many decoys lets you attach a cord to add realistic motion.

Each turkey hunter should know that big gobblers simply cannot stand seeing a strutting tom fanning its tail and going in on his hens. He usually circles round and round although never gets to the front, letting the hunter have a chance to set up the ideal shot. These turkey decoys should be a definitive addition to your hunting gear.

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