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About Wild Turkeys

There are many fascinating facts about wild turkeys that set this remarkable bird aside from other upland game species.

They are the largest birds, by a considerable margin, and prefer a combination of different tree types in a woodland habitat, stretching for a preference of one thousand plus acres.
There are five of what are regarded to be distinct subspecies of wild turkeys: the Eastern, the Osceola, the Rio Grande, Merriam's and Gould's. It is a very subtle difference in the plumage that sets them apart.

Many of the wild turkey interesting facts make terrific trivia questions, such as the fact that they have approximately 5,500 feathers when fully grown.

Although the average lifespan is only around 5 years, the oldest recorded wild turkey lived to an astonishing age of 13.

A wild turkey's distinctive gobble, known worldwide, can travel in excess for 1 mile, and the unmissable bald head can change color within seconds dependent on the emotion or excitement that the creature is feeling.

It is believed that the impression the bird displays of a proud demeanor and protective instincts, was the prompt for Benjamin Franklin to select the wild turkey as the National bird.

Only 2 states - Alaska and Hawaii, do not have extensive wild turkey populations.

The month of June has been designated National Turkey Lovers' Month, promoting the consumption of the bird so, due to the high protein it contains, participants eat healthily for at least one month!

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