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Overall gear

Probably the oldest hunting game in the world, turkey hunting has been a very popular hunting activity since 1621, when the first pilgrims introduced it on the new continent. The turkey is the state bird of the United States of America, named so by George Washington.

As far as the equipment is concerned, every aspect of it is important. From clothing to loads, every item should be taken care of and preserved in the best way possible.

The most used type of gear is the call. Not only is it used by turkey hunters, but also by all hunters, as it is a very efficient way in which to attract more turkeys, thus considerably increasing the chances of success. To find out more information on this subject, as well as how to make you own call, feel free to check out the other sections of our website.

From a clothing point of view, you must make sure that the clothes have the same colors as the environment, so that you can blend in easily. Another important thing is that the layers should be protective and keep you warm, especially when you are hunting during winter.

A part of the equipment also consists of books. Turkey hunting books are great from many points of view. Not only are the birds described, but also the techniques are heavily featured, with practical applications and advice available, together with expert theories and tips gathered over significant periods of time.

If you are planning to take up bow hunting, make sure you are prepared for it, as it requires a good mastering of the bow and it takes a lot of exercise. Also, before purchasing one you should know that you can calculate your own draw and weight, in order to find the best bow more easily. Our bow hunting section shows you which are the most vulnerable parts of the body.

Moving on, choosing the most suitable load can be quite difficult. However, if you read the information about turkey loads, you will get a clearer view regarding this aspect and you will know which is the most appropriate for you.

All things considered, each part belonging to the gear has its own function and influences in a way the success of your hunting day. Taking all of them seriously, if possible, is certainly the key to ending the day with a lot of turkeys in your bag.

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