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Turkey Hunting Vests

Pockets - when searching for the best turkey hunting vests you must look for those models that have an abundance of assorted-sized pockets situated both inside and outside the hunting vest. If you don't plan to use more than two types of calls you won't need too many pockets. You must keep in mind that not all pockets are created equally as some are larger and some are smaller. Don't purchase vests with single compartment pockets because these are very annoying and almost useless. Pockets weren't designed just for storing purposes, they were created for keeping your gear (especially your calls) very well organized and easily accessible. The large pockets will be used for holding bulky items like the binocular or the rangefinder and the small pockets will be used for smaller items like shells or calls.

Comfort - a good turkey vest must be not only practical but also comfortable. When it comes down to size, this isn't a real issue as these come oversized and one size usually fits all. If you plan on purchasing a fitted vest you must keep in mind the amount of clothing you will be wearing underneath it. On the market there are some versatile vests that feature zip-off sleeves for the cool fall mornings which can be easily removed when the temperature rises. Most of the vests are made from a thin and light material so that the hunter feels good during mild temperatures - the disadvantage is that this material doesn't provide enough cushioning when the hunter leans up against a tree. A vest that has a padded back will allow the hunter to sit comfortably for a couple of hours

Concealment - camouflage is a must when purchasing a turkey vest because these birds have excellent visual abilities as well as the capacity to observe colors. A pattern with more brown and gray is more efficient during the early spring when the new vegetation and leaves have not yet sprouted. This pattern is also recommended for the fall season. As the spring season evolves, a green-based pattern is recommended because it blends more naturally with the environment.

Safety - a large part of the turkey vests have removable blaze orange safety flag on the back in order to make the hunter visible to other hunters thus preventing any unfortunate accidents. Many vests feature a large game bag in the back so that the bird you have captured and now carry won't be visible to other hunters. These bags are also useful for carrying turkey decoys.

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